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From basic analysis and infringement reporting, Tachomaster can also look after your driver CPC training, risk analysis, worker administration and more.

Tachomaster suits companies of all sizes, including single drivers looking to pay closer attention to their driving behaviour.

Tachomaster Calendar View
Tachomaster Day View

View of your driving and working time

At it's core, Tachomaster keeps track of drive, work, availability and rest. The powerful Worker Calendar displays a summary for each day, including Rest days and many different leave types.

Drill down into the Day View

Selecting a day will open up the Driver Day View, with a breakdown of all activities on that day — any infringements are shown here and can even be printed directly.

Tachomaster Infringement Letter

Notify your drivers of any infringements

It is a legal requirement to inform your drivers and ensure they understand where they have infringed. The detailed Infringement Letters in Tachomaster provide clear information for the driver.

Tachomaster comes equipped with an acknowledgment facility too, so you know when your drivers have signed and returned their letters.

Comprehensive Report Suite

With over 80 dedicated reports available in Tachomaster there is always a report that fits your requirements.

The reports are split into categories of Driver, Vehicle and RTD. Along with these fixed categories we have provided a select list of Popular Reports gathered from 1000s of report runs from Tachomaster Users.

Tachomaster learns the reports you run often and provides a custom report menu for each individual user. This way you don't have to navigate the report menu and can quickly jump to the report you are looking for.

Popular Reports:

  • Detailed Wages Report
  • Infringement Letters
  • Last Card Readings
  • Management Report
  • Missing Days
  • Missing Vehicle Mileage
  • Vehicle Unit Last Readings

Reports can be scheduled daily, weekly or monthly — on your desired day of the week or month.

Past the basic functionality These are some slightly more advanced features at no extra cost

Highlight risk and repeat offenders

Using a system of levels and procedures, the Driver Compliance Reporting System (DCRS) supplies you with a fair way to manage your driver performance.

Accepted by various driver unions and agencies across the UK DCRS is proven to help reduce ongoing infringements and encourage driver training.

Learn More on the Knowledge Base

Tachomaster DCRS
Tachomaster Analytics

An interactive overview of your entire company

The Analytics within Tachomaster gives you a complete overview of hours, infringements, shifts and mileage. It's possible to group this in a number of different ways, and customise the drill-down to find more information.

View your driver's weekly rest

Understanding the EU driver's regulations weekly rest requirements can be daunting to newcomers. Using Tachomaster's interactive Weekly Rest view you can easily see where rest was taken, what rest was used as regular weekly rest, where reduced rest was taken and compensated for.

Using the Weekly Rest view is easy, hovering over a reduced period, where compensation is required, will highlight where the rest was compensated in the future.

Earned Recognition Chargeable module

The Tachomaster Earned Recognition Module enables both KPI reporting and, if you are in the DVSA Earned Recognition scheme, an automated way of complying.

Tachomaster Earned Recognition

And More features worth mentioning

Forensic detail of your vehicle speed

Drivers aren't the only focus of Tachomaster. Vehicle data is hugely important and carries with it a lot of potential for cost savings.

The Vehicle Speed report offers detailed graphs of vehicle speed and a distance trace — down to the second. This per-second data highlights instances of harsh braking and can help identify poor driving behaviour.

Tachomaster Vehicle Speed
Tachomaster Calendar View
Tachomaster Multi Day

Custom user permissions

Create User Profiles and set an unlimited number of users against each profile. This lets administrators restrict access to certain parts of Tachomaster.

Add types of leave and rest days

There are a number of types of leave, including Annual Leave, Sick, Maternity and Paternity leave. Through the multi-leave utility you can quickly add all these to your workers and complete their records.

Tachomaster Leave Calendar

Monitor your leave days

After adding all your worker leave the convenient Leave Calendar allows you to view it all in one place. This is a good way to monitor how many people are off on a single day, or to find patterns in leave.

Android and iOS Apps for drivers

The Tachomaster Worker App gives drivers easy access to their data from their iPhone, iPad or Android mobile phone. Using the App they can check what drive time they have available and how much rest they need.

The Working Pattern gives a visual overview of recent weeks, showing where the driver worked, took leave or had a day off. The Shift View breaks down each day with duty, rest, work, drive and availability durations.

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Tachomaster Mobile App
Tachomaster Mobile App

Last but not least All your data secure and safe on dedicated servers

We pride ourselves in fast and reliable tachograph analysis. As soon as you upload your driver or vehicle data through the Tachomaster Client or through the Online Card Reader our high performance server cluster gets to work.

There is no waiting around for reports in the post or by email (unless you set up a scheduled report!), as soon as the data has been processed you can run reports online immediately. We based the whole of Tachomaster around this philosophy and are always working hard to improve the system and monitor it 24 hours a day.

A massive benefit that using Tachomaster gives you is the peace of mind that your data is safe, backed up and always available. You do not have to worry about and spend time backing up your data, we do all that for you.

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